Sunday 12 October 2014

A Hot Summer Night

Standing at the window
you slip your arms around my waist
and kiss my bare shoulder
I lean back into you
and lay my head on your chest

How softly the night
folds around us
The moon, sleepy yet, rises,
grandiloquent in her
lace patterned negligee
beguiled by the gloaming

Bats, necromancers of the night,
flittering fragments
of darkness,
excite the sullen summer air
as they frolic, reveling in the gloom

The sweet smell of moon flowers
glissades through the window
carried on the chorus 
of crickets
singing to arouse the stars

A moth seduced by the
candle light
flurries into the room
throwing shadows across
the walls
as it flutters and pirouettes
around the flame

I hold my breath
You place your hands
on my shoulders
run them gently down
my arms
and cup my hands in yours

lifting up my hands
you scoop up the flailing moth
and ever so tenderly
you close my cupped hands
around it

Confined between
our hands the moth
 vibrates and thrashes
I feel the pulse and throb
of its wing beats
against my palms

I feel too the pulse and throb
of your heart on your palms
pressed against my hands
Its beat, familiar, like that
of velvet wings

You blow out the candle
and open my hands
the moth clings to my palm
blowing gently
you release it into the night

You draw me into you
I feel your heat
my heart flutters

 Encircled in your arms
 I begin to understand
the burning desire
of the moth 
to kiss the flame

Friday 19 September 2014

Haunting Moments

snuggled together in the
reading poetry in my
making love through the
colours of sunset
you my romeo me your
scattered between the
pages of poetry
are these haunting moments
of you and me

Friday 16 May 2014

Know That I Grieve

i have not buried you
in the past
but as a keepsake deep
in my heart
sometimes I catch
a glimpse of you
as you pass through
my mind
and my heart skips
a beat
you smile at me
like you did then
when our eyes met
and my soul danced

If you should find
thinking of me
know that I 
loved you then
truly, deeply loved
you then
and know that
I grieve the death
of that moment
in time
when I could have
told you
but instead
I said nothing
and let you walk away

Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Poet

He runs his hand tenderly over the white sheet
picking me up gently he lays me down upon it
he gazes at me pensively, a dreamy look in his eyes
He begins to fondle me
I feel the gentle pressure of his fingers and I am
warmed by his touch
As his passion increases I feel the pulse in his fingers
Ardently we begin to move as one 
every stroke excites me
the way his hand moves fills me with exhilaration 
and every time he pauses I am filled with the
arousal of anticipation, willing his next move
Suddenly I feel his mouth warm and moist upon me
his tongue probing me delicately
his teeth grazing me playfully
Gradually he pulls away, inspired,
And I feel the pressure of his fingers once more
I feel his urgency as he moves passionately over the sheet
Then the climax of his last word and his pleasured sigh
brings us to completion
He picks me up, kisses me, covers me
and then slips me into his breast pocket
where I lie passive and content 
listening to his heartbeat 
feeling his chest rise and fall
as he reads the poetry we wrote

Friday 18 April 2014

And The Bees Are Glad

A cataclysm of luminous gaiety
gilds the lea with joy -
I smile -
my heart is stilled and warmed

Like the languid sun that hides
behind fair weather clouds
I am weakened in awe

But my spirit has risen
with the spring wind
and taken flight

And the bees are glad

Thursday 10 April 2014

Romance, Romance ...

...wherefore art thou Romance
if not alive in the heart of man
where dost thou hide
could thee be buried betwixt
the yellowed leaves of an olde novel
or lie thee brittle and fragile
amongst the shallow lines
of a paperback book
pray that it not be
that man has laid thee 
there to rest
let that not be the
 saddening truth
Alas! what fate man has
bestowed upon thee!
how shameful to be so
 would that it not be so...
but that thou beest in
the melody of the dewy dawn
 in the sonnet of hues at sunset
 in the poetry of the pure pearly moon
that thou hath concealed thyself 
in the petals of a rose
tenderly pressed to lovers' lips..
Romance, art thou sleeping there
waiting for love to awaken thee
with a kiss

Friday 4 April 2014

I, Dandelion

Avid gardeners cuss and frown upon me
Some eat my leaves, slightly bitter but tasty
Others dry my roots for a heart-warming tea
With flowers I welcome the cute honey bee
(So, there is more to me than the weed you see)
My colour is so yellow, beautiful and bright
I've been likened to a little kiss of light
I am no posh rose nor graceful daffodil
But I still look sweet upon a windowsill

Thursday 3 April 2014

Saturday 22 March 2014

A Little Piece of Heaven

Let me show you a piece of heaven
where angels have never tread
There's no need to be frightened
no need to be filled with dread
Take my hand and I will lead you
out of the darkness of your mind
Take my hand you know you want to
Let's leave the banal world behind
There is no short cut to paradise
but the journey is half the pleasure
so bring your fey soul and weary eyes
and your fickle heart for good measure 

Saturday 22 February 2014

Paper Boat Of Dreams

Down rain filled gutters
into little streams
I skipped beside
my paper boat
following my dreams

I freed it by the river
under the willow tree
my little boat a quiver
swirled off to the sea

A sea of emotion
was soon to ebb and flow
if it ever made the ocean
I would never know

Twirling through rainwater
rushing down streams
I'm trying hard to stay afloat
on my paper boat
of dreams

Wednesday 19 February 2014

A Windy Day (Southend-on-Sea)

erect and naked
from berthed hulls
Flagrantly probing
the cloudy skies
Penetrating the cries
 of squabbling seagulls
 their pink feet
they wobble in
the wind
above the
flaccid sea 

Thursday 6 February 2014

The Mermaid's Song

Welcome lover to my nightmare
just a short walk down the stone stair
Slip into the grave waves with me
to the treasures under the sea

I'll dress you in fitting attire
With fish hooks and rusty wire
On my lips and kisses you'll taste
your poisons and chemical waste

My embrace you'll never forget
much more tight than a fishing net
Come my lover heed my sweet song
for I've been lovesick far too long

Saturday 25 January 2014

There's An Elephant In The Room

There's an elephant
in the room
that needs talking about
But nobody wants to
start the conversation

Avoiding the situation
seems the best thing to do
Exchanging pleasantries
And everyone agrees
the weather is rough
this time of the year

There'll be time enough
to shed a sad tear
to wallow in sorrow
to bury their grief

But the elephant
still hides in the shadows
A silent thief

Q:~How do you shrink an elephant?
A:~ With small talk! 

Thursday 23 January 2014

Dancing With The Rain

You tiptoe softly through my dreams
like a cloud on a summer breeze
Although I try and embrace you
you slip through my fingers like rain

Arms open wide I reach for you
Rain is falling all around me
pitter-patter like a heart beat
I'm dancing with the falling rain

When I wake up in the morning
I pray that I may fall asleep
I want to dance with you again
rain is falling all round me

Friday 10 January 2014

I Wrote You A Poem

I wrote you a poem (left unread)
So I wove you a dream instead
I caught the wind in the forest
And chased the rain on the river
I collected dew from the dawn
And captured the gentle quiver
of lilting birdsong in the morn

 I spun heaven into your dreams
with bits of sky ever so blue
And wisps of silvery moonbeams
Spun with stars and a twilight hue

I wrote a poem for you
Nothing to cling to
Nothing to give or take
No keepsake