Saturday 29 September 2018

CONSERVATION (Repost - Sad Elephant)

Sad Elephant

I love elephants and this one below just looked so miserable I felt so bad for him. The elephants in general seemed to be really moody and unhappy - I came away from them feeling really sad :(
While our lives leach
through the porous
warp and weft
of alien foundations
Our native memories
grow pale and then fade
behind our downcast eyes
And like a straw
in the wind
imprudence sweeps
into the cracks
of extinction
whilst civilisation
looks on
© Rose

Sunday 23 September 2018

Neon Sunsets (repost)

Neon Sunsets

between neon sunsets
and concrete dawns
in a city that never sleeps
we are robbed of our dreams

on a bed of lies
and broken promises
we drift apart
weaving dreams
of another time
but it's all a lie

we drift apart
conceiving dreams
as time ticks over

our emotions
in hostile womb
to be expelled
like afterbirth
like frail moths
they too will be drawn

to the lights, the pulse
of the city that never sleeps
dying to live, living to die
between concrete dawns
and neon sunsets
© Rose