Thursday, 25 October 2018

No One Hears

No one Hears

everyone listens
but nobody hears
a cheek glistens
with silent tears
shouting won't make
a blind man see
crying won't ease
the misery

colours are fading
turning to grey
shadows are braiding
the last light of day
a monochrome halo
hangs in the sky
the scornful echo
of a seagulls cry

night keeps its vigil
so paint your dreams ~
amongst clouds dismal
a miracle gleams ~
night brings its silence
that deadens and deafens
night brings its own sentence 
........nobody listens.......

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Wind And The Sea

The Wind And The Sea

Stained with the wilful moods
of the tempestuous sky
the concupiscent sea sings
to the wanton wind
waves arched into undulating
heaving, cresting, caressing
soliciting the wind
tempting him
with her allure
desiring his
stimulating touch
to kindle, to ignite, to inflame
her arousal
until in union
their lusty
motion, emotion, elation
rises and falls
surges and swirls in an
ardent dance
onto the shore
spilling over
long dark tresses
of seaweed
that lie glistening
in the moonlight
upon the pale naked sand

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Good Night Sadness

Good Night Sadness

I lie in bed staring at the ceiling
I know it's every line
I know how the shadows fall
and wait for them 
to hide the sadness 
written there
before I close my eyes

I slip into a dream
bleak and bare as the ceiling
Even the moon is bare
and cold as stone
A watchful tree stands
rigid, silent, accusing
A violin begins
to keen piteously
A butterfly -  merely
a fragile shadow of itself
flutters, trapped
in an erratic flight
A rose weeps
a putrid bouquet

There are no shadows
Here there is no
from the sadness
written on
the ceiling
This piece was inspired by Paul Eluard
'Adieu tristesse/ bonjour tristesse/ Tu es inscrite dans les
lignes du plafond'

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Theatre of the Absurd (Repost)

Theatre of the Absurd

The head/face in this image is a photograph of a reflection that appeared on the wall. Don't ask me to explain it - I can't - but there has to be a logical explanation for it I just haven't found it yet. Anyways, it freaked me out so I paired it up with an image of the moon ( it looks as though it belongs there).

just a face
in the crowd
of a meaningless
midst arcane
of abstruse
and tired
just an
in the theatre
of the absurd