Friday 16 May 2014

Know That I Grieve

i have not buried you
in the past
but as a keepsake deep
in my heart
sometimes I catch
a glimpse of you
as you pass through
my mind
and my heart skips
a beat
you smile at me
like you did then
when our eyes met
and my soul danced

If you should find
thinking of me
know that I 
loved you then
truly, deeply loved
you then
and know that
I grieve the death
of that moment
in time
when I could have
told you
but instead
I said nothing
and let you walk away

Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Poet

He runs his hand tenderly over the white sheet
picking me up gently he lays me down upon it
he gazes at me pensively, a dreamy look in his eyes
He begins to fondle me
I feel the gentle pressure of his fingers and I am
warmed by his touch
As his passion increases I feel the pulse in his fingers
Ardently we begin to move as one 
every stroke excites me
the way his hand moves fills me with exhilaration 
and every time he pauses I am filled with the
arousal of anticipation, willing his next move
Suddenly I feel his mouth warm and moist upon me
his tongue probing me delicately
his teeth grazing me playfully
Gradually he pulls away, inspired,
And I feel the pressure of his fingers once more
I feel his urgency as he moves passionately over the sheet
Then the climax of his last word and his pleasured sigh
brings us to completion
He picks me up, kisses me, covers me
and then slips me into his breast pocket
where I lie passive and content 
listening to his heartbeat 
feeling his chest rise and fall
as he reads the poetry we wrote