Wednesday 16 February 2011


Flaxen haired maiden
From dawn until dusk
You follow the sun
From east to west
Horizon to horizon
Your gaze unwavering
Savouring his heat
Eliciting his passion
When gratified and
Pregnant with seed
You bow
Your furrowed head
Forsaking Helios
Eluding his glare
 © Rose

Monday 14 February 2011

Valentine Moon

moon, in it's splendour,
conjures up the true magic
of romance and dreams
© Rose

Wednesday 9 February 2011

The Artist

Flesh tones blush upon his palette
The delicate stroke of a brush
Caresses the bare canvas
Anointing it with her essence
While he breathes in her beauty
© Rose

Thursday 3 February 2011


embossed upon glass
the flight of a wood pigeon
three feathers adorn
© Rose

Happily the pigeon never came to any harm after flying slap bang into the french doors. The second photo was taken by holding a black leather jacket against the door to get the full effect of the impression. Wood pigeons look so gentle but they can be very vicious and do attack unwelcome opportunists trying to steal their lunch.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

To Catch a Magpie

such a brouhaha
birds of a feather unite
a black and white cat
© Rose

Cat, crow and magpie are actually partners in crime. Magpie is the lookout, crow is the alarm and cat is the tipper. Whenever I take the recycle bin out magpie begins to chatter excitedly, then there is a long and loud cawing, shortly thereafter there is the sound of the recycle bin being tipped over! Cat has just provided crow and magpie with a feast - after he has had his share of course!