Thursday 8 August 2013

The Devil's Darning Needle

The devil's darning needle
she is named
and for this legend 
she is famed

So take heed
of this indeed:-
Daydreamer do not slip
into a sleep
beside a shady stream
As the damselflies
will stitch your eyes
while you lie and dream
 Children do not lie just
do as you're told
 Wives be fearful - do not
 nag and scold
Husbands do take care 
never to cuss - never to swear
Young ladies please do not pry 
and never mix with gossips
 Or the evil dameselfly
will stitch up your lips

Monday 5 August 2013

Little Green Apples

Under a dappled sky
the smell of promising rain
permeates jaded thoughts
on the little mound of soil
under the apple tree

The wings of a parakeet
agitate the leaden air
stirring the branches
above the little parasol 
of emerald shade

There forbidden fruit
coyly hide beneath 
green leaves, waiting
patiently to harvest
their rosy blushes
from the gentle kisses
of the summer sun