Tuesday 12 March 2013

From Snafu to Fubar

There is no black and white
if the land is splattered with
Littered with bodies
bleeding through the cracks
of the parched earth
Souls struggling to escape
the death rattle
of hatred, rage, torture
Brother against brother
making war so that there
may be peace
Psychological manipulation
be brave and kill your brother
for this is not murder
it is war
a combat mission
A suicide misssion
a fool's errand
It is black and white
kill or be killed
the ultimate sacrifice
The war culture
the culture of death
Here nobody wins..
Thou shalt not kill

Saturday 9 March 2013

Take my Heart

take my beating heart
i don't need it anymore
if we should ever part
i'll have nothing to live for
i could die with you
even die for you
but one thing is true
i cannot live without you
so take them all,
my foolish pleas, my words 
 that fall
like crumbs at your feet,
and throw them to the birds
that flock in the street
their wings will whisper
the sweetest love song
from a girl to her lover
after love has long gone