Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Silence

She looked at him
and wondered
what it was
she was supposed to feel

Sorrow perhaps?
But she only felt
the numbness
inside of her

He stopped talking
Perhaps waiting 
for a response

She looked at him 
and wondered
what it was
she was supposed to say

He spoke louder
Perhaps to invoke a response
Perhaps to force her to listen
Perhaps to fill the silence

But she only heard 
the silence
Only felt the numbness
 Coiling tightly
inside her 

Holding her,
Binding her,
to the silence
between his words
where she felt safe

Saturday, 13 February 2016

You Make Me Feel

You are trapped in my mind
in the maze of my dreams
haunting me

Your whispers brush my cheek
get tangled in my hair
tormenting me

Your touch  melts my heart
scorches my soul
torturing me

Your kiss leaves me breathless
words die on my lips
confusing me

Your eyes leave me vulnerable
naked before you
shaming me
Your gaze grazes my skin
I embrace the pain
you make me feel