Saturday 28 March 2015

Sometimes I Swear

I am normally quite sane
but it's impossible to remain
calm, cool and collected
when one is so affected
by awful technology
I offer no apology

Sometimes I swear
at windows 8(s)
What were you thinking
Mr Gates?

Sometimes I swear
at the cookie trackers
the computer hackers
the pop-up ads
and the one click cads

Sometimes I swear
at the scoundrel scammers
the weasel spammers
the dodgy emails
the programme fails
the useless apps
and at Google maps

Sometimes I swear
 I may not appear
quite lady like I fear
but yeah
Sometimes I really swear

Sunday 15 March 2015

That Which Is

lift the veil
of pseudo melancholy
from this dismal canvas
for the raven sings
his courtship song
and she,
freshly bathed,
preens coquettishly

she frolics
to amuse him
 flirtatious harlequin
with raven wings
to behold