Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sometimes I Swear

I am normally quite sane
but it's impossible to remain
calm, cool and collected
when one is so affected
by awful technology
I offer no apology

Sometimes I swear
at windows 8(s)
What were you thinking
Mr Gates?

Sometimes I swear
at the cookie trackers
the computer hackers
the pop-up ads
and the one click cads

Sometimes I swear
at the scoundrel scammers
the weasel spammers
the dodgy emails
the programme fails
the useless apps
and at Google maps

Sometimes I swear
 I may not appear
quite lady like I fear
but yeah
Sometimes I really swear


  1. Yes indeed all those glitches on PC's I swept into ditches and moved to the dapple Apple.

    1. Ah, an apple a day, gimme, gimme :)

  2. Oh how fantastic, Rose!
    I'm certain you have spoken for us all...well, definitely for me!!
    As I am away from home, and the connection is sporadic at best...this has made me feel much less "singled out" and frustrated! ;)

    An absolute masterpiece of a poem for our times...I so love this!!!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Ygraine, we all have gremlins now and again, but sometimes they do overstay their welcome, hope you enjoyed your trip!

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  4. Not a romantic poem this time, but a powerful realistic one, yeah! :)
    I often - not sometimes - swear for computers try my patience. They are not romantic at all but a pain in the ass.
    I love the modern topic you have chosen, something which affects Internet users every day.
    "It's imposible to remain calm", you are right!
    A hug.

    1. Thank you dear Dulcina I will try not to bore you with old fashioned romance :) I try to have a good balance but, alas, romance always wins the toss :) Big Hug xxx

  5. Oh, how very, very clever ... this made me chuckle ..
    Bravo Rose ...

    Hope all is wonderful in your life ..

  6. Dear Margie thank you so much, I don't feel very clever letting a box with a little chip rule my life though :)
    All is fabulously chaotic :)

  7. Felt like you were not into blogging for sometime. May be I am wrong. Have a nice day.

  8. Dear Dumcho, you are quite right about that couldn't access some blogs and most comments were not published especially those through emails, it has been a long struggle which is not sorted yet. Nice day to you to my friend.

  9. Not quite lady like, ha! You're always a woman to me. I swear. :D <<<--- give it a listen :)

    1. Ha, ha, Thank you Gnome!
      Thank you for the link, it is an old favourite of mine that I have not listened to for a long, long time and
      it was great hearing it again :)

  10. Ha'h Rose I used to feel exactly that until I bought a Mac and now hardly anything goes wrong and anything does it is generally me. If not me, then I pick up the phone and have a chat with helpful Apple person who sorts everything out, calming and soothing my tattered nerves, till the bright flowing screen and bliss returns.


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