Thursday 8 August 2013

The Devil's Darning Needle

The devil's darning needle
she is named
and for this legend 
she is famed

So take heed
of this indeed:-
Daydreamer do not slip
into a sleep
beside a shady stream
As the damselflies
will stitch your eyes
while you lie and dream
 Children do not lie just
do as you're told
 Wives be fearful - do not
 nag and scold
Husbands do take care 
never to cuss - never to swear
Young ladies please do not pry 
and never mix with gossips
 Or the evil dameselfly
will stitch up your lips

Monday 5 August 2013

Little Green Apples

Under a dappled sky
the smell of promising rain
permeates jaded thoughts
on the little mound of soil
under the apple tree

The wings of a parakeet
agitate the leaden air
stirring the branches
above the little parasol 
of emerald shade

There forbidden fruit
coyly hide beneath 
green leaves, waiting
patiently to harvest
their rosy blushes
from the gentle kisses
of the summer sun

Saturday 29 June 2013

Yellow Is The colour

Yellow flowers
the rising sun
with the waxing moon.
are the hours
the torrid afternoon.
 A little 
a little 
of passion 
in rain
 a potent soul
makes me whole

Thursday 20 June 2013

No one Hears

everyone listens
but nobody hears
a cheek glistens
with silent tears
shouting won't make
a blind man see
crying won't ease
the misery

colours are fading
turning to grey
shadows are braiding
the last light of day
a monochrome halo
hangs in the sky
the scornful echo
of a seagulls cry

night keeps its vigil
so paint your dreams
amongst clouds dismal
a miracle gleams
night brings its silence
that deadens and deafens
night brings its own sentence 
........nobody listens.......

Monday 20 May 2013

Sunday 12 May 2013

Precious Moments

Tears don't wash away
the memories
they are merely 
a drop
in the ocean
of endless tides
that swell and spill
then gently kiss
the sun bleached
sands of time

 Endless tides,
eternal verities,
yesterdays truths
that a thousand moons
have been witness to
Precious moments,
cherished memories
that swell and spill
over the golden
sands of time

Saturday 20 April 2013

It's A Kind Of Magic

I'm looking for the magic
the kind that makes a blind person see
It's never where you think you'll find it -
never where you think it may be 
It's the magic that ripples the soul
like raindrops on a placid pond
A magic that lifts the spirit
like a mist on mountains far beyond
It's the magic reflected on a still lake
mirroring the blue sky
The magic essence of a green forest
where dappled shadows lie
It's a magic you will find but
once in a lifetime
Like the magic I felt
when your eyes met mine

Tuesday 12 March 2013

From Snafu to Fubar

There is no black and white
if the land is splattered with
Littered with bodies
bleeding through the cracks
of the parched earth
Souls struggling to escape
the death rattle
of hatred, rage, torture
Brother against brother
making war so that there
may be peace
Psychological manipulation
be brave and kill your brother
for this is not murder
it is war
a combat mission
A suicide misssion
a fool's errand
It is black and white
kill or be killed
the ultimate sacrifice
The war culture
the culture of death
Here nobody wins..
Thou shalt not kill

Saturday 9 March 2013

Take my Heart

take my beating heart
i don't need it anymore
if we should ever part
i'll have nothing to live for
i could die with you
even die for you
but one thing is true
i cannot live without you
so take them all,
my foolish pleas, my words 
 that fall
like crumbs at your feet,
and throw them to the birds
that flock in the street
their wings will whisper
the sweetest love song
from a girl to her lover
after love has long gone 

Friday 1 February 2013

Goodnight Sadness

I lie in bed staring at the ceiling
I know it's every line
I know how the shadows fall
and wait for them 
to hide the sadness 
written there
before I close my eyes

I slip into a dream
bleak and bare as the ceiling
Even the moon is bare
and cold as stone
A watchful tree stands
rigid, silent, accusing
A violin begins
to keen piteously
A butterfly merely
a fragile shadow of itself
flutters, trapped
in an erratic flight
A rose weeps
a putrid bouquet

There are no shadows
Here there is no escape
from the sadness
written on
the ceiling
This piece was inspired by Paul Eluard
'Adieu tristesse/ bonjour tristesse/ Tu es inscrite dans les
lignes du plafond'

Wednesday 23 January 2013


Words flow
from your lips -
love coloured
tasty morsels -
little kisses
ripe and luscious
tempting words
that float
and stray
and linger
a while
to glisten
in your
ice wreathed

Monday 14 January 2013

The Wind And The Sea

Stained with the wilful moods
of the tempestuous sky
the concupiscent sea sings
to the wanton wind
waves arched into undulating
heaving, cresting, caressing
soliciting the wind
tempting him
with her allure
desiring his
stimulating touch
to kindle, to ignite, to inflame
her arousal
until in union
their lusty
motion, emotion, elation
rises and falls
surges and swirls in an
ardent dance
onto the shore
spilling over
long dark tresses
of seaweed
that lie glistening
in the moonlight
upon the pale naked sand