Friday, 1 February 2013

Goodnight Sadness

I lie in bed staring at the ceiling
I know it's every line
I know how the shadows fall
and wait for them 
to hide the sadness 
written there
before I close my eyes

I slip into a dream
bleak and bare as the ceiling
Even the moon is bare
and cold as stone
A watchful tree stands
rigid, silent, accusing
A violin begins
to keen piteously
A butterfly merely
a fragile shadow of itself
flutters, trapped
in an erratic flight
A rose weeps
a putrid bouquet

There are no shadows
Here there is no escape
from the sadness
written on
the ceiling
This piece was inspired by Paul Eluard
'Adieu tristesse/ bonjour tristesse/ Tu es inscrite dans les
lignes du plafond'


  1. So utterly perfect!
    Rose, this touched my Soul.
    I kept thinking of 'Wuthering Heights' as I read it.

    This is a true classic :)

  2. Haunting words and intriguing image, Rose!

  3. It's certainly a drifting piece taking one from drowsiness to dreams and back to waking sadness. I like "A violin begins to keen piteously".

    This took me back to my childhood when I would read the ceiling before falling asleep or turning on my side to read the wallpaper.

  4. Hi Rose, I left a link on the post that you said you'd like to hear me read. I hope it works for ya. Just press the orange button on the player. Thanks Rose for everything.

  5. At first I thought it was going to be about insomnia, but as I read on, it became very sad.

    Thanks for the visit today, I have been neglecting my Quotes and Things blog lately. I post on my Reading Blogs, and once a week on my "Food Lust Journal" Today I posted about "Guilty Pleasures", What is your Guilty Pleasures, come by and let me know. ; )


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  7. Ygraine, Thank you for your lovely comment:)

  8. Gnome, Thank you, I still search the darkness before I sleep picking out shapes and shades of grey :)

  9. Gnome, Thanks for the link - totally brings the piece to life - amazing, thank you :D

  10. Ann, Thanks for reading. I will definitely be around but as you can see I
    have a lot of catching up to do :D

  11. Oh Rose this is so moving ... beautiful!

  12. Moon, Thank you dear lady:)

  13. Come on, when are you gonna' post your next gem? It's been over a month now! :(

  14. Let's hope for spring and sun and the small flowers soon:)

  15. Gnome,
    :) Gems don't grow on trees my dear friend they need to be cultivated - oh who am I fooling? I got nothing !!!! Run out of ink !!!! Lost my muse !!!! The head is empty !!! :) :)

  16. Daniel,
    Indeed it is was is lacking:)

  17. Oh Rose this is so moving ... it has a haunting quality ... very well done!

  18. Moon, Thank you dear lady!


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