Wednesday 28 September 2011

He ..The Sun

He...The Sun

A weak sun drizzles through the frosted pane
draping the window in pale yellow rain
His strength the likeness of threadbare chiffon
He gleans the glad rag the cat preens upon
He pours himself into a tepid puddle
and curls up there for a fuzzy cuddle
He greedily licks at the chilblained hearth
and dulls the embers to suck up some warmth

Ten o' clock comes, he's all over the place
He prods and he probes and he gets in my face
He mocks my wrinkles and fingers the dust
He freckles and fades and bleaches with gust
He beams himself up and he rays around
and scowls at a timid dust bunny he's found
He stretches, rises and glowers up there
so I draw drab drapes to avoid his glare
© Rose

Monday 26 September 2011

Sunday 25 September 2011


expecting the worst
passive-aggressive rainbows
hoping for the best
© Rose

Monday 19 September 2011

Neon Sunsets

between neon sunsets
and concrete dawns
in a city that never sleeps
we are robbed of our dreams

on a bed of lies
and broken promises
we drift apart
weaving dreams
of another time
but it's all a lie

we drift apart
conceiving dreams
as time ticks over

our emotions
in hostile womb
to be expelled
like afterbirth
like frail moths
they too will be drawn

to the lights, the pulse
of the city that never sleeps
dying to live, living to die
between concrete dawns
and neon sunsets
© Rose

Thursday 15 September 2011

The Librarian

it was just a bet he'd had with his mate
to ask the drab librarian out on a date
she said she'd cook it was better that way
it suited him well, he would not have to stay

the yellow flowers were an afterthought
the wine however was carefully sought
to accompany a vegetarian course
a quick meal and exit without remorse

he'd figured as she was so painfully shy
she'd get rid of him quick with a veg stir fry
yet the aroma wafting through the door
was pleasing his senses more and more
tomato, basil, garlic and origanum
he hadn't figured her a pasta woman
gone was his quick meal and exit then
he tried to think of some excuse when
she opened the door and let him in

the sight of her took him by surprise
gone was the drab librarian disguise
she was barefoot and her hair was wet
she'd had a shower but not dressed yet
she smiled as she took the flowers and wine
he notice that she glanced at the time
the table was bare not laid for two
on the stove a pan with tomato stew
his heart sank at her apparent haste
this perfect evening would go to waste
he look around her cosy home, then
pictured himself at home alone, when
she said 'I'm cooking a three hour sauce,
we can take our time over the first course'

They sat and watched the morning sun rise
breakfast at least would be no surprise
© Rose

Monday 12 September 2011

Autumn Spun Wind

is it an angel's breath
against my cheek
warm as a golden ray
or an autumn spun wind
with its soothing caress
that brightens up my day

is it an angel's wing
against my skin
a touch as soft as dew
or an autumn spun wind
with its soothing caress
that makes me think of you

is it an angel's voice
so mellow and sweet
the lilt of a melody
or an autumn spun wind
with its melodious tune
that makes me feel so happy
© Rose

Sunday 4 September 2011


How wonderful it must be to sail the skies!  This blimp 'the spirit of safety' was photographed yesterday at 18h40. It was a nice surprise to see this graceful airship sail across the sky.

Saturday 3 September 2011

Sad Elephant

I love elephants and this one below just looked so miserable I felt so bad for him. The elephants in general seemed to be really moody and unhappy - I came away from them feeling really sad :(
While our lives leach
through the porous
warp and weft
of alien foundations
Our native memories
grow pale and then fade
behind our downcast eyes
And like a straw
in the wind
imprudence sweeps
into the cracks
of extinction
whilst civilisation
looks on
© Rose