Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Librarian

it was just a bet he'd had with his mate
to ask the drab librarian out on a date
she said she'd cook it was better that way
it suited him well, he would not have to stay

the yellow flowers were an afterthought
the wine however was carefully sought
to accompany a vegetarian course
a quick meal and exit without remorse

he'd figured as she was so painfully shy
she'd get rid of him quick with a veg stir fry
yet the aroma wafting through the door
was pleasing his senses more and more
tomato, basil, garlic and origanum
he hadn't figured her a pasta woman
gone was his quick meal and exit then
he tried to think of some excuse when
she opened the door and let him in

the sight of her took him by surprise
gone was the drab librarian disguise
she was barefoot and her hair was wet
she'd had a shower but not dressed yet
she smiled as she took the flowers and wine
he notice that she glanced at the time
the table was bare not laid for two
on the stove a pan with tomato stew
his heart sank at her apparent haste
this perfect evening would go to waste
he look around her cosy home, then
pictured himself at home alone, when
she said 'I'm cooking a three hour sauce,
we can take our time over the first course'

They sat and watched the morning sun rise
breakfast at least would be no surprise
© Rose


  1. Delightful! It has put a big smile on my face. I like it alot Rose. :)

  2. Brilliant! Feels almost like real life, but much more amusing. I love it:)

  3. Oh lovely. I hope she doesn't waste time on him though.

  4. TUG,
    Thank you :)

    Thank you life can be rather amusing sometimes :)

    It doesn't look as though she wasted any time at all :D

  5. Absolutely top hole. Brilliant, I enjoyed it enormously - especially the end.

  6. so delightful ... thanks for making me smile ... you are brilliant. :)

  7. Dave King,
    Thank you :)

    Thank you and a pleasure my dear friend :)

  8. I really enjoyed it Rose and the twist and turns of expectations. Thank you!

  9. lol very nice!
    unexpected pleasure.
    Aren't those the best times?

  10. That was brilliant!
    Loved it! Loved your blog :)

  11. Happy Go Lucky,
    Welcome and thank you :)

  12. A Lady's Life,
    They are the best - unexpected pleasures :) Thanks for reading!

  13. I've noticed too that women have a different 'relative time' than men.

  14. Daniel,
    They Do? Perhaps you could explain that sometime:D

  15. I've noticed that when a woman asks you to explain, you've already said to much:)

  16. Daniel,
    *chuckles* :D You seem very experienced in that 'matter' :D
    if you would excuse the pun!


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