Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sad Elephant

I love elephants and this one below just looked so miserable I felt so bad for him. The elephants in general seemed to be really moody and unhappy - I came away from them feeling really sad :(
While our lives leach
through the porous
warp and weft
of alien foundations
Our native memories
grow pale and then fade
behind our downcast eyes
And like a straw
in the wind
imprudence sweeps
into the cracks
of extinction
whilst civilisation
looks on
© Rose


  1. That's a rather splendid sculpture!

  2. yes the elephant looks sad and lost ... very brilliantly captured, both in camera and verse.

  3. I'm sure ellie as captured in your words and pic was missing her homelands, unless she was born in a zoo and was just sad about all the gawkers.

  4. Rachel,
    It is beautifully woven!

  5. MAD, *chuckles* i got this name for you from TUG,
    It was such a sad sight she would not even raise her beautiful eyelashes.

  6. TUG,
    I think that even if an elephant is born in captivity they have an inbred sense of 'herd instinct' they don't like being on their own and they may not know their homeland but their needs and their behaviour will be the same in an alien environment as it would have been in a more elephant friendly place.You are right of course I think hundreds of cars passing all day and every day adds to their stress - not to mention the polution. Poor darlings!

  7. So deeply moving. It is sad to see such noble animals in captivity. I do so feel for them, (so says this hypocrite who has just been sitting here gazing at her 29 and 15 year-old goldfish in their little square tank!) They are loved though!!

  8. Ygraine,
    Chuckles, I didn't know goldfish lived that long - what are you feeding them! I know what you mean I also have fish in a tank :) elephants have emotions much like humans do and they are very intellegent animals. They care for each other and their young and grieve for their dead and lost family members. I have never seen a sad fish have you :D

  9. Sometimes, I feel like an elephant.

  10. Daniel,
    Aww, At least you're not in captivity:)


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