Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Precious Gift

What a wonderful display of colour I witnessed yesterday morning as the sun caught a raindrop dangling in the ivy! Unfortunately I was only able to capture these two colours on camera before the sun went behind the clouds :) Natures beautiful diamond! A precious gift!


  1. oh this is so beautiful, Rose ... a precious gift indeed ... thanks a lot for sharing. :)

  2. Wow, how fortunate you are, a mini-sun in ivy. The ivy is beautiful too. I can't wait until ours gets to be as full as yours.

  3. That almost looks like a lone light on a christmas tree!

    Arnab Majumdar on SribbleFest.com

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

  5. The greatest beauty can only be found in the simplest of things. Rose, this is absolutely stunning:)

  6. Ygraine,
    I agree about the simplest of things having the greatest beauty and of course bringing the greatest joy! Thank you I just wish I had my camera with me earlier!


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