Saturday, 6 August 2011


lavender water
purple rinses and home perms
my great grandmother
© Rose


  1. Nice pic again Rose. It's like being there with you.

  2. I've never looked closely at a lavender spike closely before. It is so beautiful. I love the way you've linked the purple with your great grandmother's hair rinse. Brilliant:-)

  3. Gigi Ann,
    The good old days. Love your post on 'The Green Thing'

  4. TUG,
    Thank you - It is amazing how some things so readily transport you back to your childhood days ;)
    Just like your charming post on
    The First Kiss which I found rather endearing.

  5. Ygraine,
    I only really began to look at things properly when I started taking photos - There was a great deal that I missed out on and regret not starting earlier.
    My great grandmother was a real character I was very much in awe of her and her purple hair :) She always had a bottle of lavender water on her dressing table.

  6. Lovely!
    There are so many different lavenders.

  7. Thank you Rachel. This is a dwarf lavender. It does not attact the bees as the other lavenders do but a sprig in the cupboard keeps the moths at bay - the leaves have a rather camphor like scent.


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