Saturday, 20 April 2013

It's A Kind Of Magic

I'm looking for the magic
the kind that makes a blind person see
It's never where you think you'll find it -
never where you think it may be 
It's the magic that ripples the soul
like raindrops on a placid pond
A magic that lifts the spirit
like a mist on mountains far beyond
It's the magic reflected on a still lake
mirroring the blue sky
The magic essence of a green forest
where dappled shadows lie
It's a magic you will find but
once in a lifetime
Like the magic I felt
when your eyes met mine


  1. It's magic when eyes first meet and tragic when the magic fades in its incompleteness, but that doesn't stop the seeker as you have well spoken of here, yet once in a lifetime is not a law to abide by for that is what rips the soul rather than ripples. The magic is in each moment. However, all that said, it may well be a once in a lifetime magic should the seeking cease under that first gaze.

    Obviously the place pictured rippled your soul and lifted your spirit and you've reflected that for us to see. It's magical Rose.

  2. What a beautiful place and worthy of your poetry.

  3. Oh how wonderful, Rose...and how true!
    That elusive magic really is found where you least expect it...or where you most hope for it!

    I can see why you were so moved by this amazing scene.
    It is absolutely breath-taking.:)

  4. breathtakingly magical Rose ...

  5. Gnome,
    Thank you. It can only be described as magic that feeling that makes you see everything brighter and clearer and in much more detail than usual. This is a very special place the essence of which is truly magical.

  6. Rachel,
    Thank you dear lady :)

  7. Ygraine,
    Thank you wishing you magic my dear friend:)


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