Sunday, 15 March 2015

That Which Is

lift the veil
of pseudo melancholy
from this dismal canvas
for the raven sings
his courtship song
and she,
freshly bathed,
preens coquettishly

she frolics
to amuse him
 flirtatious harlequin
with raven wings
to behold


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rachel, always fascinating birds to watch, very intelligent as well :)

  2. Oh're wonderful!!
    And what a come-back...such enchanting melancholy that would melt even the hardest of hearts.
    So incredibly beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you Ygraine, your comments are always so encouraging :)

  3. Nice to see you back, Rose.
    Such a lovely poem ...

    1. Thank you Margie, went into hibernation and had a lot of tech problems :)
      Will persevere !

  4. And you do so amuse. I just hope you amuse us more often now that the melancholy has lifted.

    Thank you so much for your kind words last week (3/17). You don't know how much your comments and critiques have encouraged me over the years.

    Rose, if you're on FaceBook please send us a friend request. You can find us as dulcinaandgnome.


  5. Thank you Gnome, I am happy you are amused :) Hahaha, the melancholy of winter and technical hitches, arghhh!!!
    The pleasure was all mine I enjoy your writing as it has many facets to it :)
    Thank you for the invitation :)
    I am thinking of deleting my current account due to the problems( which I am trying to sort). As soon as I have it sorted
    I will contact you guys :)

  6. Take my love Rose .... it feels so great to be here .... the place is beautiful warm and loving ... a fabulous write ... I loved pseudo melancholy :)

    1. Thank you Moon for your love, it is wonderful to have you over, you add to the warmth :) Hugs dear lady :)

  7. I want to know it too once you are on FB with your new account :)

  8. Enchanting poem about flirting, "raven sings"... "raven wings"..., is it the male or the female who conquers?
    Men are so coquettish nowadays! :), modern peacocks. Most of them conquer to make love and then forget. Women conquer to be loved and then forgive. Well, it belongs to the past for in modern societies genders are changing their traditional roles at work and at home. Women are becoming more and more masculine and men are becoming more and more feminine.
    Maybe in the future hermafrodites will rule the world., who knows...?

  9. Thank you Dulcina for your lovely comment, made me chuckle :) Men do seem to be a little twee these days :)
    Traditional roles, family values, everything seems to be changing maybe there is something in the water? :)
    Big Hug xx


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