Tuesday, 1 February 2011

To Catch a Magpie

such a brouhaha
birds of a feather unite
a black and white cat
© Rose

Cat, crow and magpie are actually partners in crime. Magpie is the lookout, crow is the alarm and cat is the tipper. Whenever I take the recycle bin out magpie begins to chatter excitedly, then there is a long and loud cawing, shortly thereafter there is the sound of the recycle bin being tipped over! Cat has just provided crow and magpie with a feast - after he has had his share of course!


  1. What a clever trio!

    Beautiful symmetry in the first picture!

  2. a perfect brouhaha!!!! both words and pics. great capture of such a wonderful gift.

  3. How inventive. I wonder how this originally developed?

  4. Sounds to me like you've trained them well!

  5. Rachel, they are indeed. Thank you.

    Unknowngnome, thank you so much.

    Mystic Musician, Probably out of need and a broken lid on the recycle bin. Crows are extremely clever they get up to all sorts. And cats well they are almost human are they not? Thanks for your visit - unfortunately I am having a problem leaving messages on your posts with my google account? But I keep on trying!

    Dave King, Unfortunately I can't take the credit for that!!

  6. Color coordinated too! So that's a magpie.

  7. Hi Daniel, Yes the cheeky magpie. I will be posting more magpie photos sometime. Colour coordination yes - pied cat not a catpie?? they do make a good team!


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