Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Gathering

I have seen the fog
roll in with the tide
the tiny footprints
ebbing waters did not hide
I have seen the encircling
The gathering
of wasted time
and spent tears
of broken hearts
and faiths lost
of broken promises
and forgotten dreams
I have seen
The gathering
of little treasures
I have seen
The Children
Of the Tide
© Rose


  1. I love this, especialy the begging turning into "children of the tide", sets quiet a mood of mystery.(:

  2. Good Rose! Good rhythm and words has the "quickening" aspect to it.

  3. Thank you Felicity. that is exactly what I wanted to achieve happy you enjoyed it.

    Thank you Unknowngnome for your kind comments. Hmm, 'the quickening' may be my next attempt at spewing, heh,heh!

  4. WELL, I thought the images were impressive, but when we got to the poem we were in a whole new realm of good. They and it work very well and very well together.

  5. Lovely. The background throws a wobble in scale for the eye, too!

  6. Hi Rose,

    I always find your photos to be very artistic and meaningful. It's really so beautiful.

    Very detail of the lovely pendant. Mysterious as well with the footprints in the background.

  7. Thank you Kristin for your lovely comments.

  8. I smile:) Does 'The Children of the Tide' have some further significance?

  9. Hi Daniel,Don't tease me Daniel! Can't think of anything else just the collectors of grief as portrayed... but maybe you can? :)


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