Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The moon tonight

                                                  The moon on the 14th January 2011

orbiting beauty
without the sun's reflection
you are but a rock
© Rose


  1. I like the rooftops with the antenna, gives a domestic effect to the surreal. Superimposed images?

  2. I'm so glad that you got a shot of the full moon this month. I wanted to see it but we're socked in with fog here on the mountain.

    Enjoyed your haiku and it got me thinking:

    noon illuminance
    without a Rose to reflect
    you are but white light

    Lastly, I am by no means a master, nor a mistress, just a mister. :-)


  3. Daniel,You are right of course it is a DM image. I had seen a programme on the effects of the receding moon and it frightened me so I brought it right into the middle where it should be big as life, slap bang right back into my back yard! ;) That'll fix it!

  4. Unknowngnome, Oops, sorry, mister.Thank you for joining in with a haiku, and rather good one at that!Why am I not surprised!
    Your visits, as always are much appreciated!


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