Friday, 21 January 2011

Stoning the Ravens

Stoning the ravens
lest they steal her dreams
she casts her spirit to the wind
A beautiful melody of untruths
rises up into the sky
amidst the echoes of
cursing ravens
and raining stones

Spreading her wings
rising above her dreams
she picks her lovers
like luscious fruits
to silence the hunger
to feed her heart
with feral fantasies
© Rose


  1. Your blog seduces me! It is quite incredible - and so original! Fantastic images. I think I'm hooked.

  2. How charming! Thank you Dave King I look forward to having you around.

  3. It's said that ravens can mimic sounds including human speech, I wonder if that's true? Excellent poem too.

  4. Hi Daniel, thank you. The only raven that I know of that spoke is Poe's raven, but to be fair I am not so clued up. What I do know however is that their vocalisation changes to a more melodious sound (not the raucous cawing) when they are mating and to a low almost gruff purring sound when they are feeding chicks. Whether they could manage the monosyllables of human speech is probably possible but I think it would probably be short variations of the caw? Any input anyone??


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