Saturday, 22 February 2014

Paper Boat Of Dreams

Down rain filled gutters
into little streams
I skipped beside
my paper boat
following my dreams

I freed it by the river
under the willow tree
my little boat a quiver
swirled off to the sea

A sea of emotion
was soon to ebb and flow
if it ever made the ocean
I would never know

Twirling through rainwater
rushing down streams
I'm trying hard to stay afloat
on my paper boat
of dreams


  1. How much I have enjoyed this journey of your dreams through rain, streams, river and sea...
    I am sure it made the ocean and then it reached heavens into water vapor.
    Some day you will see a boat-shaped cloud over you and, who knows...?, maybe it will rain your dreams again.
    A hug and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Dulcina, what a lovely thought! Hugs xxx

  2. Bravo, standing O! One for your book.

    Love the ending.

    I floated along with this as I was transported back to my youth and sailing my own paper boat down the gutters of my hometown.

    You're floating just fine Rose.

    1. Huh!? What book?? Now what kind of book will that be with just one lonely little poem? :D
      Thank you Gnome, The image took me back to my childhood, it was so great to run barefoot
      without a care in the world :D

    2. It's not the quantity dear girl as you know :)
      and you can still run barefoot too!

    3. :) Yes, you are right, I'm sure you mean that in the nicest possible way :)
      I do run barefoot but not in the same carefree childlike way, I may just
      find myself being sanatoriumed! Hehe :D

  3. Oh I simply adored joining you on this excursion into your dreams!
    Yes, Rose, it did indeed make the ocean...and sailed the entire World...for your dreams are limitless...:)

    1. Thank you Ygraine, yes you are right dreams are limitless and we can travel
      freely whenever and wherever our dreams take us:)

  4. What a delight! Who hasn't wondered about sailing away in a paper boat!

  5. I loved reading this poem, Rose.
    I so love the water and could really relate.
    Lovely little poem :)

  6. If paper has the tensile strength to hold our jottings, then maybe too it can hold our dreams and take them where we cannot. I liked it very much.


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