Thursday, 10 April 2014

Romance, Romance ...

...wherefore art thou Romance
if not alive in the heart of man
where dost thou hide
could thee be buried betwixt
the yellowed leaves of an olde novel
or lie thee brittle and fragile
amongst the shallow lines
of a paperback book
pray that it not be
that man has laid thee 
there to rest
let that not be the
 saddening truth
Alas! what fate man has
bestowed upon thee!
how shameful to be so
 would that it not be so...
but that thou beest in
the melody of the dewy dawn
 in the sonnet of hues at sunset
 in the poetry of the pure pearly moon
that thou hath concealed thyself 
in the petals of a rose
tenderly pressed to lovers' lips..
Romance, art thou sleeping there
waiting for love to awaken thee
with a kiss


  1. I love this poem, Rose.
    It's very beautiful.
    And the photo of the rose is stunning.
    Your rose and words are a lovely tribute to romance ...

    1. Thank you Margie for your delightful comment:)

  2. Lovely. Romance seems so fleeting these days

    1. Thank you Rachel, It seems to be a little out of fashion these days
      with the young ones :)

  3. utterly heart-rending... have reduced me to tears!

    I have read and reread this twelve times now...and I cannot tear myself away.
    Your talent as a wordsmith is infinite...:)

  4. Thank you Ygraine for your lovely comment. I am indeed flattered by the compliment
    especially since it was made by a writer of your standard. :)

  5. Human I feel just need romance to be poetic. If there is still more romance, I believe you have sufficient vocabularies to capture its serene description. You are already an established poet. You write well.

  6. Thank you Dumcho you are too kind and far to liberal with your praise as I am
    far from an established poet, yet it is what I aspire to be, eventually :)

  7. and i thought romance was dead! ah! to be so awakened with such words is more than a kiss doth bring. sigh.....

  8. Does romance hide or do we? It's there where we don't look, it sparks when we haven't got the time, and it lasts even when we let it slip away. Nice poem.

    1. Thank you Daniel, some are too busy, some are clueless, some just simply don't believe :)

  9. A precious poem masterly written in the old style, chapeau!
    If Romance has ever been dead, you have resuscitated it in your poem.
    Bravisssima Rose!
    A hug.

    1. Thank you so much dear Dulcina for your lovely comment :)


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