Friday, 4 April 2014

I, Dandelion

Avid gardeners cuss and frown upon me
Some eat my leaves, slightly bitter but tasty
Others dry my roots for a heart-warming tea
With flowers I welcome the cute honey bee
(So, there is more to me than the weed you see)
My colour is so yellow, beautiful and bright
I've been likened to a little kiss of light
I am no posh rose nor graceful daffodil
But I still look sweet upon a windowsill


  1. lovely! I can't say I'm a fan of dandelions, but the do bring cheer.

    1. Thank you Rachel, I do love them, and their clocks as well!

  2. Your poem is as beautiful as the dandelion itself. Share us more. It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you Dumcho for your compliment :)

  3. Pretty as can be.
    Loved it, Rose

  4. These little beauties have just about taken over my lawn.
    But do I pull them out?
    Their rich yellow hue and formation so reminds me of the Sun and summer days, so I love them deeply.

    Your wonderful picture and poem is so inspiring...I really hope it will encourage many other people to get to know and love them as much as I do!

    Bravo Rose! :)

  5. Thank you Ygraine, But I don't think many people will be rooting for our dandelions, rooting them out would be more
    likely,, haha, I love them though, especially love blowing the clocks much to the disgust of my neighbour :)) Live and
    let live I say!

  6. "So there is more to me than the weed you see" - love it. Good springtime feel to this poem. Reading it I couldn't help but equate you as the dandelion, with your yellow hair and being so bright and all.

  7. Thank you for reading Gnome:) Hehe, so there will be no surprises then; my yellow hair will look like the clocks' in a few years time;
    white, sparse and sticking out all over my head :) Thank you for the compliment :)

  8. What an interesting lesson from this humble flower!
    Thanks, Dandelion, for teaching me so much about you.
    If only you knew how much my gnomie hates you because of your colour; he hates yellow and so every time he sees one of you, he cuts off its head or tramples it down. I love you, I love watching hundreds of you adorning the grass, but ... my hubby kills all of you.
    A hug. :)

  9. Ha,ha,ha! Ouch, my head hurts just thinking of being trampled upon but I, dandelion, am very stubborn and enjoy taunting gnomies :)) How could anyone not just love yellow?
    Thank you Dulcina for the good laugh, I needed that :)) Hugs xx


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