Monday, 28 March 2011

You Make Me Feel

you are trapped in my  mind
in the maze of my dreams
haunting me

your whispers brush my cheek
and get tangled in my hair
tormenting me

your touch melts my heart
and scorches my soul
torturing me

your kiss leaves me breathless
and words die on my lips
confusing me

your eyes leave me vulnerable
and naked before you
shaming me

your gaze grazes my skin
and I embrace the pain
you make me feel
punishing me

you make me feel
© Rose


  1. You are truly an artist.

    This picture of a butterfly in the web of a dream in the mind's eye, with moon and sun reflecting in bubble and bursts of color, shows me life beyond that, in that, when I look at it, the butterfly's wings are as a turning fish and at the very center the bright light of life shines through all.

    Your words...You make me feel.........jealous.

  2. As TUG says - your words make me feel jealous too :)

    everything about it is just so beautiful.

  3. Thank you Rachel, most kindly!

  4. Unknowngnome,
    You observations are admirable it is as though you created the image yourself! Can't believe you saw the fish..
    Thank you kindly :P :))

  5. Thank you Celest! Waiting for your next one...:)

  6. Sorry Rose had to come back just one more time to accept my lack of artistic expertise and lack of observation! .... i feel so stupid :( ... had concentrated more one the poem ..... now realised what a masterpiece of an art this photo is! you are amazing! ... saw it through TUG's description.

  7. Celest, Thanks for your second visit and your amazing comment which I shall accept gracefully. However, at this rate I'll be needing a new hat :)

  8. It's said that a day before the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, the chrysalis becomes transparent. I wonder if this is how it feels?

  9. Daniel,
    I didn't know that - perhaps ... thanks for reading.


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