Sunday, 13 March 2011


transient sunlight
sluggish reawakening
yellow dandelion
© Rose


  1. Lovely! I've not seen any dandelions yet.

  2. The dandelions are waking here but no snails or slugs yet. The lizards are out and about. We're still in that transient sunlight. Your words and pic reflect the time.

  3. Hi Rachel, thank you. We have large crops of dandelions already I think you had more snow and cold than we did. the pavements are adorned with them:)

  4. Hi G nome, Yes the time! the plum trees are full of blossoms as well but alas the sun must compete with an icy winds. March the month of the winds?

  5. Your yard is certainly interesting (if it is your yard). Must be something magical about the grass seed. I kinda like the old snail fellow.

  6. Daniel, Thanks. Yes it has been taken in my yard. You will be surprised at what can be found in just a square foot of grass if you look carefully enough. Snail was actually under the leave and I tipped it over! Put it back after the photo though he (does not even know he is a model):)


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