Friday, 18 March 2011

No One Home

you don't call me back
maybe you lost my number
maybe you lost more than that
the clock's lost its chime
maybe I can't remember
maybe I just lost track of time
days slide into long nights
maybe I don't know the difference
maybe I turn on the lights
and leave them on all day
maybe people at the door
will eventually go away
maybe the lights are on
but no one's home
maybe I'm not alone
© Rose


  1. For sure you're not alone! ha!

    Loved the end, it made me voice an audible "ha". Also like the rhyme runs.

    The "you" you address definitely lost more than than your number.


  2. hey hey that's real cool. Loved it. :)

  3. Thank you Unknowngnome, Ha indeed!

  4. Thank you Celestial Dreamz!

  5. lovely poem and the picture is superb!

  6. Thank you most kindly Rachel.

  7. Everyone seems to be waiting on someone, and someone usually doesn't even know.

  8. Hi Danny, Isn't that a sad thing! Communication can take so many forms and strangely enough people rely on every other form in the book except verbal communication. And unfortunately some people take advantage of that very fact and send unclear messages. I maintain that you should say what you mean and mean what you say then there will be no misgivings and no regrets!


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