Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tasting the sweet buds

little bumble bee
a child in a candy store
tasting this and that
© Rose


  1. lovely!
    You're much further into spring than us!

  2. :)

    Watch out, you might get stung!

  3. Rachel, Thank you. It is getting on to a slow start this year isn't it? But I am sure we will soon be grumbling about the heat! :)

  4. Hi Unkngn, Ever tried to take a photo of one of them? You would have had a good laugh, getting stung was the least of my worries believe me. Got into all kind of knots I did. Glad you could manage the visit since it is a haiku - thought I would have to throw out the welcome mat for you! :¬)

  5. oh quite an adventure! and so well expressed in words. :)

  6. Celestial Dreamz, more comedy than adventure though. Thank you the little blighter gave me the run around zipping between the buds!

  7. Daniel,
    I wasn't really happy with it but I was excited that it was the first young one that I had seen this season! I did have great fun though!


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