Thursday, 10 March 2011


 time to turn the page

time for fresh annotations

time for spring cleaning

© Rose


  1. What fabulous images. I particularly like the first.

  2. It's about "time"!...I've been waiting for your art and words...but the wait has well been worth it.

    The colors just explode in the transitions as I slide from pic to pic.

    I like the way the butterfly's tail wing colors blend and flow with the green and yellow fractal background.

    The last image with it's swirl reminds me of a photgrapher's lense but of course it should as you are. :)

  3. Thank you Rachel, I rather like pastels ordinarily. The rest of the time I splash out in loud colours, depends on my mood really!

  4. G nome, It is about time si. Thank you for your lavish praise - I have been writing and arting about but nothing seems good enough to post - hit a slump - white page fever - smudged - you get the picture! ;¬)

  5. The quilted flower pattern with circular swirls is beautifully colorful. Yeah, I've been cleaning cobwebs too:)

  6. Daniel, The blah of February was getting to me. The cobwebs were really in my mind there are still some stubborn bits in the corners:)


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