Monday 21 March 2011


Covert clandestine encounters serve as satiety for a surreptitious
servitude of temptation
Gold symbolic of intertwined eternities begins its satirical,
metamorphic transformation
portraying austere shackles and assuming a sadomasochistic
restraint devoid of gratification
Blame blazes a path between the paradoxical pastures of
consummation and fornication
Denial draws the dark cloak of deceit closer enticing delusion and
appeasing suspicion
Guilt masquerades as manic mood manifestations escorted by
indifference and dissatisfaction
Remorse, coerced by conviction, shows itself, contemptuously
licking at the wounds of revelation
Forgiveness drags its feet as it follows in the footsteps of despair,
confusion and humiliation
Betrayal, born in the belly of lust, basks then slithers, like a serpent
through the cold ash of devastation
© Rose

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