Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pig's Ear

Lily of the Nile
Virtuous and pure
In death and in love
rebirth and resurrection
Chaste with white spathe
and long phallic sword
The epitome of
lust and sexuality
Paradoxical beauty
The quintessential
Venomous virgin
© Rose


  1. Beautiful picture Rose. Love the captured green.

  2. Fabulous.
    Not too far removed from out nativ arums.

  3. Hi Unknowngnome, thank you.

  4. Hi Rachel, Yes it is a flower with many names. I chose the name I thought was the least romantic for the title for my short verse. I also know it as the Arum Lily. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Thank you Celestial Dreamz for your wow. I have been bashing flowers lately will have to make up for it soon!

  6. Sorry I missed visiting for awhile, busy at work. I see you've been busy. Remarkable shading on the picture.

  7. Hey Daniel, Missed your visits. Don't work your life away. Thanks for dropping in!


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