Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cathedral of Dreams

Summoned by the light
I follow in the shadow
Of the moon
By the basilica
Rise and fall,
Dip swoop,
Bats into the twilight.
I enter the cathedral
Of dreams.
The flagstones
Soothe my bloody feet.
The walls,
Hung with scrolls,
Of the dead
Of the dying
Of the living
Rise to a steeple
Too high to read
Yet I know
I am not among
The named
Nor of the dead
Nor of the dying
Nor of the living.
My weary eyes,
Blind with the light,
Are shut tight.
I hear myself scream
And know
I am named
On the scrolls
Of the unborn.
© Rose


  1. Fantastic images and chilling poem.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Gosh, this is fantastic; the two different shades and styles have given them different theme ... the poem; its flow - so brilliant ... Rose, you are an artist in true sense of the word.

    and thank you so much for all your lovely words; they really get me going.

    take lots of my love and click more and write more.

    5 April 2011 21:16

  4. Rachel,
    Thank you, your comments are much appreciated :)

    You are too kind and of course a great inspiration:)

    Lines n shades,
    Welcome, and thank you for your comment :)

  5. Very much like these words, the overall theme and some of the special combinations that you've put together: "By the basilica
    Ethereal", "Yet I know I am not among The named", "the scrolls Of the unborn".

    I have to contemplate this more.

    The words and the images draw me in from the outside through the myriad of spirialing windows.

    "Summoned by the light", you follow, I follow too.

    Kudos. :)

  6. Unknowngnome, Well I think I failed miserably at what I was trying to achieve here. It was more difficult than I thought. And I thank you for your patience in trying to follow my crazy mind! Thank you for your comments they are always most welcome :)) Follow me I'm lost, hehe:)

  7. Light draws the unwary soul to the cathedral, but it's safer to dream than be born. Very good images and image in words.

  8. Daniel,
    You have a beautiful mind!


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