Tuesday, 26 April 2011

An Apple a Day

losing control
don't really care
looking for a hero
but no one's there
no one to talk to
no one to share
life is a sentence
scream and shout
love's a pretence
what's that about
empty inside
outside is scary
no place to hide
becoming wary
hating this ride
death's a carnival
that's what they say
swallow the pill
live for today
it's a bitter sweet
goes down a treat
not to mention
the side effects
of life's extension
as time defects
© Rose


  1. Dear Rose, I get so very impressed with your talent.

  2. Celest,
    I am not worthy of such praise since I dont have much talent but I do get a huge amount of enjoyment from what I do :) Thank you dearly for your comments.

  3. Sometimes a hero is just someone who faces life's 'side effects' each day to do what needs to be done and they never know why. But a creative outlet helps some, I think.

  4. Daniel,
    Yes the word hero does bring images to mind of men in tights..er.. or whatever else floats your boat... but when you're splattered across the ceiling anyone with a spatular and step ladder will do :)
    Creative outlet ??? Blowing steam from the top of your head, yes it helps some, I think :)))


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