Sunday, 10 April 2011

In forests green

blue for-get-me-not
take my hand and I'll show you
where fallen stars grow
© Rose

shaded pools of green
where golden maned lions play
in dappled sunlight
© Rose

a  birds flight
or from angels wing
white feather
© Rose


  1. What stunning shots! You make me want a real camera!

  2. Your pictures and verses are lovely.

    I noticed you had my Quotes and Things in your sidebar, as Shadows of My Mind, You will find My Shadows here:

    Sorry I confused you. For awhile I did post my poetry on my Quotes and Things Blog, but I created a poetry blog a few weeks ago, just for my poetry.

  3. Rachel,
    You mean you don't have a real camera and you still manage to serve up such amazing images!! You certainly had me fooled :) A real artiste you are girl!

  4. Gigi Ann,
    Thank you I am easily confused! I should change my hair colour:) Will be looking you up. Thanks!

  5. Good art makes you notice things that you had missed like stars at the center of a flower. Something profound there, I think.

  6. Daniel,
    Thank you for your compliment:)


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