Monday, 11 April 2011

The Rainbow Bridge

Where time and tide at sea are lost
And where the four wild winds lay crossed
She reaps the winds that storms do sow
And weaves the waves that ebb and flow
With fisher men's nets she catches soft sighs
And wishes and prayers from pale blue skies
She stitches and sews them with tidy seams
Her beautiful tapestries of sweet dreams
She gathers up sea spray to sprinkle as dew
Collecting bright colours of vivid hue
She makes an arc of ribbon above her
A bright rainbow bridge to guide her lover
And to make the stars that twinkle and shine
She saves all the tears she's cried over time
 © Rose


  1. A delicious frothing foam of words and image Rose. A self-portrait perhaps?

  2. delightful, dear lady. I'd love to see that as a real mosaic.

  3. That is a fantastic image. And the verse fits it perfectly. A double triumph.

  4. The Unknowngnome,
    Thank you! A self-portrait? You have given me a great idea gnome :)

  5. Rachel,
    Thank you! It has been colour washed quite a few times and then plied with tiles the real one was just a boring white. :)

  6. Dave King,
    Thank you kindly!

  7. it's so fantastic, Rose and the verse just fits in perfect. so well done dear lady.

  8. Celest,
    I have missed you .. Thanks for reading :)

  9. Daniel,
    They do indeed and cleanse the soul:)
    thanks for reading!


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