Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Your Love

Your tender touch is like the falling rain upon my skin
Your kisses are sweet like honey warmed by the sun
Your breath upon my cheek is like a warm summer night
Your whispers surround me like gentle doves in flight
Your warm embrace is my shelter from the raging storm
Your love glows all around me like the soft light of dawn
© Rose


  1. Oh Rose what you have written makes the soul take flight. Umm, umm, umm.

    And nary a thorn!


  2. The Unknowngnome,
    And nary a thorn? So you noticed! ..... Hybrids :P.... I am an old fashioned rose and bare my thorns with pride :¬)

    Thank you. You are so... so Spanish!:)) Heheh thanks for the chuckle!

  3. How could I not notice? I always stop to smell the Roses :)

    Heheh it's nice to think that I may be so Spanish after only 4 years but I've been pretty much as is all my life.

    Bare 'em with pride Rose.

  4. The Unknowngnome,
    hehe, I was referring to the umm, umm, umm - was that japanese or spanish? ;¬D
    In that case, never change :)

  5. :) beautiful ... what attraction a rose would have sans the thorn? :)

  6. Celest,
    Thank you! For tender hearts need protection :)

  7. hahaha oh Rose that's so perfectly said!
    you have given me an idea ... from now on even I would fancy that the marks and blemishes on Moon protect her from prying eyes :P

  8. Probably the best of its kind that I've read in a long time. Well done.

  9. Gigi Ann, Thank you very much:)

  10. Celest, And so it may be ... anything is possible :)

  11. Dave King,
    Thank you, that is indeed a compliment!


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