Thursday, 7 April 2011

Love You Hate You

I love you I hate you
Is this how it's meant to be?
I didn't write the book
on love
So I don't have a clue
I could forget the fairytale
I could give up the fight,
even mend my wicked ways,
let you mould me as you may
Pretending that's alright!
But when hate is gone
what fire would ignite
my passion then
make everything alright?
Without love's delusion
what would be the glue then
to mend my fickle heart?
When it breaks in two then
When my world falls apart.....
I love you I hate you
* PS*
 © Rose 

PS *When all is said and done
       You're the one*
This should be the final lines of this piece.
* For my friend  :))


  1. Good rhythm, rhyme and tempo.

    You've captured a bit of angst and anger. Maybe hate is the delusion by pretending.

  2. Generally I am weary of the phrase "I love you" as mostly it rings a hollow tune into my ears (I am sorry if I am a bit brutally honest :-) ) .... but your poem has captured a dilemma, an angst just superb. Loved it Rose. brilliant rhythm.

  3. Unknowngnome,
    Ouch, that felt like a slap on the wrist!! :) I was toying with the following ending 'when all is said and done; You're the one' but decided to leave it for the reader to digest because love isn't only roses it also bears thorns. But I think I'll add it now .... :)

  4. Celest,
    I am going where angels fear to tread on this one. But let's be honest love is a kin to hate ... ah, I am going to get it now arn't I? Thanks for reading and commenting!:)

  5. An eternal dilemma. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rose, I would never slap you and if my words came across as that it was not my intent.

    "love isn't only roses it also bears thorns" so therefore you must be love? :)

    But since you have clarified the ambiguity I thank you for your truth.

  7. Rachel,
    A dilemma indeed, thank you Rachel.

  8. Unknowngnome,
    Of course you would not you are too much of a gentleman for that! Don't worry gnomie it is all in good fun! I may be named as she but I am rather unadorned and unperfumed with plenty of thorns :P
    I really appreciate your comments in any fashion thank you :))

  9. What's in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet

  10. Unknowngnome,
    You are too sweet. Thank you :)

  11. I think, mending your ways (wicked or not) for love will surely not deliver the desired result but just another delusion.

  12. Daniel,
    Ah, you are such a wise man! :) Thanks for your comments, always appreciated as you really put a lot of thought into your comments!


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