Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Once Loved

sleep with your dreams
as good as that seems
you wake up with reality
lured into false security
it's a certain fatality
how could it be wrong
leaving it all behind
feeling you belong
true love is hard to find
isn't it amazing
till death us do part
or someone steals your heart
well, what about me
liar, you're such a liar
the love that used to be
the want, the desire
forgotten and gone
while you move on
while she sulks 'cos she's
the other woman
while you're half the man
you used to be
what about me
© Rose


  1. Beautiful, Rose. So cleverly done.

  2. Ah, the imaginings.

    A good write Rose. Its portraiture of anger and disgust are reflected well.

    What about you? You as a poet have placed yourself.

    You've also given me food for another write. :)

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you kindly dear lady:)

  4. The Unknowngnome,
    Thank you kindly:)

  5. Perhaps it's the ritual that destroys love? We put our effort into that make-believe instead of the real? Maybe we should admit that we must learn to love, but our nature is to be selfish?

  6. Daniel, I dont quite understand how you have intended the meaning with the use of the word ritual in your statement 'the ritual that destroys love'? Could you kindly expand on that:)
    I love to hear opinions on anything and everything, no pressure!
    Would appreciate it though:)

  7. Hi Rose, I think it was a response to the opening lines of your poem, 'sleep with your dreams...'. I imagined those dreams were about the 'rituals' (meet, fall, marry, happy-ever) of love luring someone '...into false security'. Obviously it was not a response to the second part of the poem. May have to write a poem to figure out exactly what I meant:)

  8. Daniel,
    Thank you for taking the trouble to explain what you meant = I will be looking out for your poem then! :)


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