Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ashes to Ashes..

In the wake of dreams
The wind sings it's mournful song
to the full moon
veiled in it's dark mantle.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

The dismal dawn
rains grey upon the day
an apathetic sun
buries itself deeper in the sky
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

In sleep you draw me close
it feels like coming home
A smile away from tears
and I bury  all my fears
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

I dream of angels falling
falling from the sky
In wakeful dreams I ask, why
You had to play the wild card
letting love come between us
I bury myself in your warmth
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

A smile away
from tears veiling
unseeing eyes
I dream of angels
from the sky
© Rose


  1. Heartbreakingly sad, dear lady.

  2. It's mournful and the repetition of "I dream of angels falling falling from the sky" adds to the impact, particularly the closing falling.

    It's "A smile away from tears".

  3. Mesmerizing. We are on the
    same page my dear.

  4. Rachel,
    It is kinda sad isn't it :)

  5. Gnomie,
    Mourning the loss of a friendship as the relationship becomes intimate and friends become lovers. the dream of falling angels in this piece is depicting the loss of the friend, who will I turn to now that I have lost the shoulder I cry on (when he does me wrong)? Perhaps a bit selfish?
    A smile away from tears :)

  6. Shauna,
    Thank you Shauna:)

  7. Beautifull words.
    Have a nice day, Rose

  8. So deeply moving I can actually feel your words! We must be Soul mates!!!

  9. Ygraine,
    That is indeed a compliment x Thank you sould mate!

  10. a powerful impact ... beautifully sad ...

  11. Celest,
    Thank you dear lady.

  12. Does love really draw the veil or open it ('veiling unseeing eyes')? If it veils, then is it love? (Lust to dust, perhaps)? I think maybe we have to be willing to lose love to save it (and if we lose it, it was at best a companionable distraction, perhaps?).

  13. Danny,
    Thank you for your comments on ashes to ashes. this poem is relating to the 'loss' of friendship because the relationship has become intimate and not to love or lust itself. However I love it when the reader has a different take on the poem. It is tears that veil unseeing eyes. Love is such a complex subject as two people in a loving relationship may have completely different emotional needs and may see 'love' completely different to the other. If love is lost as you put it it would probably be very difficult for both parties to agree that it was just a companionable distraction perhaps! Some people take love from people who can and do love but give nothing in return - Another poem perhaps - or have I written it already :) You do get me talking don't you :P


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