Wednesday, 4 May 2011


you say I'm beautiful
as an angel in disguise
blinded by your affection
you don't see, don't realise
you don't see imperfection
but reflection never lies
and how I wish I could be
that woman that you see
I wish that I could see me
through your loving eyes
© Rose


  1. Such a deeply moving poem. You are so talented.

  2. True or false,
    an angel in disguise,
    light or dark,
    you are.

    There is no need to blind yourself
    to see the woman that I see
    for beauty lies within your wishes
    and you within that be.

    Very nice Rose. This poem that you have written, as most yours do, gives cause to reflect.


  3. Hi Ygraine,
    Thank you for your comment!

  4. Unknowngnome,
    Thank you ... I think :)) Dont know where you are going with the Angel in disguise light or dark line (you mean cant tell?) Nice little poem!

  5. Oh Rose this is so beautiful ... I do not have enough words to praise your work. but i am sure you would know how I love it.

  6. Hi Rose, what I mean to say with "an angel in disguise,
    light or dark" refers to the lines:
    "you say I'm beautiful
    as an angel in disguise".

    I think when most people read that line they think of angels being good and benevolent, but as we all know there are dark and fallen angels also.

    So to continue with my little poem, there is no need for you to see blindly as you think your observer sees you for your observer sees you where beauty lies as you wish, true or false, light or dark, through his loving eyes.

    This is just my (mis)take on it.

    I really do enjoy these discussions. :)

  7. An interesting slant on how we think about ourselves.

  8. Celest,
    Thank you so much dear lady i shall accept the praise gracefully and thank you for reading:)

  9. Gnomie,
    Fallen Angels :P And no mistake at all on your part it is lovely to see the different takes on a piece and of course I have to admit it I do tease you sometimes into explaining your comments :¬) Dont worry so much! I do so enjoy the back and forth banter!

  10. Dave King,
    One would be surprised at the number of people who feel unworthy of another's love. thank you for your comment!

  11. If we could see ourselves through others eyes, I'm afraid it would break the illusion for them as well as ourselves. But it would be interesting.

  12. Daniel,
    I wish only to see myself though someone's loving eyes because they are looking at me through love, you know those rose coloured glasses, that make everthing and everyone seem better than they really are? I hope never to see myself through anyone else's eyes - I may be in for a shock or it may be a circus who can tell, who can tell :)))


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