Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Crossing Over

The day darkeners sing
Prayer beads click-click
A rhythmic requiem
in harmonic cadence
Gathering the gloom

On the ancient spirit shelf
Waning candles splutter
Shadows dither and waver
fragile fragments of the past
seeking refuge in the dark

Roused by the waxing moon
The Silent Knowing sighs
It is time for the crossing
The ultimate passage
To the river of heaven
© Rose


  1. Thank you for stopping by! I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment...I read each and everyone of them. I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Take care. Nelson Souzza :)

  2. Hi Nel,
    Of course it goes without saying, your blog is very interesting and informative, I will be stopping by soon!

  3. Definitely a mood setter:) "Silent Knowing sighs", almost a weary reluctance to continue another cycle. Very good.

  4. Thank you Daniel! Goodness knows what trouble Silent Knowing has on the long journey :)


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