Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Butterfly

Does she whisper
to the blushing blooms
as her velvet wings brush,
intimately touching, colours
of lilac and celadon?
Dancing cheek to cheek
does she make promises
she knows she won't keep?
And while sipping nectar
from willing calices
with honeyed tongue
do her lips kiss and caress
the alluring blossoms?
Or is it just the wind,
the gentle wisp of wind,
under her painted wings?
© Rose


  1. Gnome,
    Isn't it wonderful!? Nature never fails to amaze does it?! :)) Thank you for reading dear friend!

  2. yeah nature has a strange positivity that always successfully reaches our mind ... beautiful as always :)

  3. Celest,
    Thank you! It is really inspiring and uplifting - nature is incredible for the soul, truly uplifting and inspiring!

  4. fabulous picture and truly excellent poem.

  5. Ah thanks so much Rachel!

  6. The answer is yes. But she pays back with her beauty, and suffers because of it.

  7. Daniel,
    she tells sweet little lies and is then punished by being turned into a hairy worm? Is that what you mean then?


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