Saturday, 11 February 2012


counting sheep
until the cock crows
sunny day
© Rose


  1. I love this one. I took similar photographs yesterday :)

  2. Fascinating words and photo, Rose!

  3. I love the way you've captured the shape of a cock in the lower area of snow.
    Am I the only one who can see a polar bear in the top area of snow?
    I had loads of fun with this post.
    Thanks, Rose:)

  4. Hello my dear friend Rose!Thank you for stopping by! I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Nelson Souzza :)

  5. The sunny days can't get here fast enough!

    I see a moose in the top area. :)

  6. Rachel, Thanx, hope to see them soon:)

  7. Ygraine,
    It looked like a gambolling lamb to to hence the counting sheep! Glad you had fun:)

  8. Gnome,
    We have had sunny days in between the snow but it has still been freezing cold :( Today however was typically grey and dull :D It is amazing how different our perception of a random shape can be - however it does seem as though the medium also has a lot to do with perceiving the image - well who could have guessed that - if the images were in sand perhaps I would have seen a llama? The human mind :D

  9. Love the piece as well as the comments :)

  10. Good if brief, twice good!
    Three precious lines in meaning & sound.


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