Friday, 24 February 2012


the lay
of the wind
on a sparrow's
as it flies
to it's nest

the glee
of the sun
on the boughs
of a tree
as it sinks
in the west

the madrigal
of a lucent moon
as it rises
in the sky

a medley
of melodies
the lilt of
a lullaby
© Rose


  1. I can't find the superlatives to offer other than beautiful.

    Your writings and pics almost always make me want to comment so please forgive my repetition. I just want you to know your works are appreciated.

  2. Gnome,
    Almost always???? Well, thanks I think :D I don't mind repetition we all do it after all its more about a friend popping in to say 'hi I actually read your stuff' than about stuffy complements :D Where are you by the way you are being very, very quiet waiting to read your stuff :D

  3. The combinations you have here are magical. They spark insights off each other.

  4. Beautifully poetic and inspirational, Rose - I love it!

  5. Oh, if only these words could be set to music!
    It shouldn't be read, but sung...:)

  6. Dave,
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment :D

  7. Liz,
    thank you the music of nature is pure and clear :D

  8. Ygraine,
    thank you so much dear lady!


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