Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tough Love

he is a small town boy
in love with
the city
since he could crawl
he knew about tough love
what a pity
it is he didn't
get enough love
to see him through
he comes home
with gum 
on the sole of his shoe
he side steps
the spit
the pavement pizza
and dog shit
he's in love with
the city
the neon lights
the fly by nights
the pub fights
the girls in tights
oh, so pretty
what a pity
it is he mumbles 
when he talks
he stumbles 
when he walks
he knows about
rough love
what a pity
it is he doesn't
get enough love
to see him through
he comes home
with gum on the sole
of his shoe
he plays the guitar
like a real rock star
he weeps melodies
to the junkies
in the allies
until the homeless bitch
who once was rich
screams her obscenities 
he knows about tough love
what a pity 
it is he doesn't get 
enough love
to make him whole
to see him through
he's in love with the city
he comes home
with gum 
on the sole of his shoe
as he pulls the cardboard
over his head
he says 
Lord thank you
for this bed
 if anyone should ask
he said
 I'm not homeless
I'm not alone
I'm waiting for my Father
to call me home


  1. Oh Rose what a piece of Truth you've written, showing true love's patience and gratitude. It's uplifting.

  2. Such depth, Rose. It's wonderful to read your verse just like every other time. I missed you bad, dear. Would try to be more frequent. And thank you so much for being so loving and kind to me. Hugs.

  3. Are these the lyrics of a song Rose?
    If not, then they should be.
    Try as I might I couldn't just read it. I had to sing it.
    You have written a genuine masterpiece here.
    And it carries such a poignant message...

  4. Gnome,
    Thank you, think about next time you whine about something :D

  5. Moon,
    Thank you my dear lady glad to see you back again don't be gone for so long again! Hugs :))

  6. Ygraine,
    You are too kind, thank you!

  7. You did it again, Rose! I mean, you wrote another beautiful song, yes, I love it.
    A song of faith, believing in God in spite of all the city crap...on the sole of his shoe and everywhere else.
    The song "The Boxer" (Simon & Garfunkel) came to my mind, but your "song" is more hopeful.
    All through the poem I was thinking, "oh, poor boy!", but when I reached the end I said "Yeah, he's saved!"
    Thanks for sharing.
    A hug.

  8. Nice descriptive poem of the city. I liked the surprise ending, not realizing he was homeless until the end, oh right! 'he said I'm not homeless.'

  9. Dulcina,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. Gum sticks and so too does faith.

  10. Ann,
    Thank you for your comment. I don't think anyone knew he was homeless - I don't think anyone bothered to ask.


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