Monday, 13 August 2012

The Spider and The Bee

She thought of him~
all night long
she spun a web of
her finest silk
and then
waited for him

She watched him~
all day long
she dreamed of him
her hero with
beautiful wings

The sound of him
hypnotised her
she rushed to meet him
shrouding him in sheets
of her finest silk

Now he was all hers
he had never noticed her
if only she had wings
she could fly with him
amongst the flowers


  1. Gentle yet dramatic - except for the bee, for whom there was no happy ending!

  2. Oh, absolutely wonderful, Rose!
    Wasn't she brave, though, to tackle a bee?
    Perhaps we'll have a new species now - it could be named 'Spibee'! Hehehe:D

  3. Liz,
    Its never a surprise ending when you're a bee and a spider admires you!

  4. Ygraine,
    Thanks yes or maybe Beeder hehe :)

  5. Many readings for your beautiful poem.
    A deep metaphor.
    When someone doesn't know how to fly, he cuts the other's wings, yes!
    A coincidence, dear Rose: this week I have posted some little poems in my Spanish blog and one of them is about a bee trapped in a spiderweb, telepathy again...? wowww!
    Here's my poem:
    como incauta abeja
    en la sutil maraña
    de tu
    bien tejida
    tela de araña.

    I was trapped
    as a gullible bee
    in the fine tangle
    of your well-woven

    A hug.

  6. Here's the link to my post:
    I wrote it on August 12th, you the next day.

  7. Dulcina,
    wow, this is so weird don't you just love it! I will look in on you post now:)

  8. Dulcina,
    When I went to your site I was wishing I could read Spanish I am sure it is a beautiful piece - lovely images to compliment ;)


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