Sunday, 15 January 2012

Spud Heart

heart of gold
apple of the earth
humble spud
© Rose


  1. The beauty of simple things, I love it!
    I think that when someone is hungry in a desert, he prefers to find a potato than a piece of gold.
    Rose, do you know I took a pic of a heart-shaped spud, exactly like yours, grown in our vegetable garden?

  2. Dulcina,
    Thank you! Yes, I too would prefer the humble spud! Really amazing - I do so miss having a veg. garden - lucky you :D xx

  3. The humble potato is so underrated.
    Not any more though, thanks to you!
    It stands well and truly glamorised.
    Wonderful picture too, Rose :)

  4. Ygraine,
    Thank you dear lady:)

  5. beautifully simple and simply beautiful ... :)


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