Thursday, 19 January 2012


each beat of my heart measures
your footsteps
as you turn around and walk away
from me
this time it seems it will be the
last time
I wind the old clock standing in
the hall
pious hope to wish and wait for you
to return
listening to the tick-tock of the
old clock
each beat of my heart measures
your silence
© Rose


  1. i love the way you use your words ... just as powerful as your photography ...

  2. Moon,
    Thank you, you are too kind :D

  3. Rachel,
    Thank you very much dear lady:D

  4. So incredibly heart-rending, Rose.
    My heart beats with you.
    I have to ask, did he return to you?

  5. Ygraine,
    Thank you so sweet of you. Words dear lady just words :)

  6. Dear Rose, the other day it was the heart-shaped potato, today this cat..., telepathy maybe...?, a coincidence? I don't know what it is, but our dear Princess* didn't return and we miss him a lot.
    Thanks for your words.
    * When we met the baby cat, almost frozen in the snow, we thought it was a female, so, after adopting that sweet creature, we called it Princess. Months passed and my Gnomie realized it was not a she but a he, it was so obvious then! We didn´t change his name though.

  7. Dulcina, That is certainly very strange, perhaps it is telepathy :D
    It is so sad about your Princess - I do so hope he comes back. When I don't see my visting cat for a day or two I begin to miss him and he does not even belong to me he just wonders in for a snack and a snooze. Sometimes he just comes to greet and then is off again. I have grown so fond of him so I can imagine how you two feel about your Princess!

  8. Yes, each beat removes us sometimes from love and where we wish to be, each beat brings us to something we sometimes don't want to face, each beat makes it clear that the tick-tock within us can be a harsh metric that governs our lives.


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